Department of Political Science and International Affairs

The Master of Science in International Policy Management

The MSIPM Program is a cohort-based online degree program. It is designed for students to move through the program coursework together, take the same classes, and build peer relationships that will support each other.

In each cohort, students begin as a group in fall semester. A student will be able to complete the 33-hour program within a 20-month period. Students take two classes each term, except for the summer term. During the summer term students also complete the Global Experience course.

General Requirements for Admission to the MSIPM Program

To be considered for admission to the MSIPM, applicants must submit the following credentials to the KSU Graduate Admissions office:

  • Submission of a completed application to the graduate admission office along with a non-refundable fee;
  • Evidence that the student has a baccalaureate or KSU-approved equivalent degree from an accredited college or university;
  • Scores from the Graduate Record Exam - GRE (verbal, quantitative and analytical) or Graduate Management Admissions Test - GMAT scores;
  • An application letter outlining the student’s goals for work in the program, including a rationale for why/how this program will meet the applicant’s professional needs;
  • A writing sample of about 5 pages that demonstrates the applicant’s writing ability. The sample may come from previous undergraduate or graduate course work. It can also be professional (work-related) writing.
  • Two letters of recommendation.

International applicants have additional requirements. See Graduate Admissions section of this catalog. For online programs, I-20s will not be issued.

Admission decisions are based on overall evaluation of all these elements.

Mandatory Orientation

Students are required to attend an orientation held on the Kennesaw State University campus. Any admitted student who does not attend may be disqualified from continuing in the program. The orientation focuses on program expectations, interaction with faculty and administrations, and hands-on learning with D2L Brightspace, the distance learning technology platform used in the program.

Grades in Graduate Courses

Expectations for satisfactory graduate level student performance are detailed in the Academic Policies section of this catalog.

Petition to Graduate

MSIPM candidates must petition to graduate at least one semester prior to completion of their degree requirements.

Program of Study

Program Requirements

Required courses - 15 Credit Hours

The core curriculum ensures that every MPA graduate is versed in both the theory and practice of this professional field. Courses include the history and values of democratic administration, the institutions and individuals that comprise it, and the tools used to achieve the goals of such administration.

  • Course
  • IPM 7720
    World Politics and Governance
  • IPM 7725
    Comparative Policy and Politics
  • IPM 7760
    Global Experience
  • IPM 7765
    Capstone: Practicum or Thesis

Additional Program Courses - 18 Credit Hours

Students take six of the following courses, to be determined for each cohort by the Program.

Governmental Administration


  • Course
  • IPM 7730
    International Conflict Management
  • IPM 7735
    International Development: Policy and Practice
  • IPM 7740
    Strategic Negotiation and Decision-Making
  • IPM 7745
    International Political Economy
  • IPM 7750
    Global Trade: Policy and Practice
  • IPM 7755
    Political Risk Management
  • IPM 7756
    Global Regulatory Policy
  • IPM 7900
    Special Topics in International Policy Management

Program Total (33 Credit Hours)